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Holger Gilruth

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Be Welcome to Avilion:

The lands of Avilion are Medieval Fantasy role play sims.  They were founded in October of 2006.  It is important that those visiting realize that there is no “visitor tag” nor “observer” status.  When you are upon these sims you are subject to each and every rule within this Charter, just as anyone else.

The time period inside of Avilion is the 16th – 17th century (1500s – 1600s).  Reason being is that these lands have been shrouded in Mist and away from the rest of the world for hundreds of years.  Generations of those living here have grown and survived together in harmony without contact to the rest of the world beyond the Mist.  While the outside world may have changed, the world inside Avilion has not, and remains within medieval times.  The time period for the world outside of Avilion is the very early beginning of the 1700s.

Almost thirty years have passed since the Mist, which once shrouded Avilion, has faded.  The infant stages of technology involving steam power and more are beginning to be developed in the outside world.  The outside world is beginning to enter a time of great invention and exploration.  While there are those that still follow the old code, the outside world has embarked on its beginning path towards the Victorian era.  For the world inside of Avilion magic reigns supreme and continues to flourish.  The many people and races within Avilion continue to hold true and practice the ancient ways that have been passed on for generations.  Avilion is the last epicenter in the world in which magic continues to exist, and the power of what little magic practiced in the outside world is drawn from it.

Since the Mist has faded, travelers from the outside world have entered Avilion, as well as those living in Avilion have ventured into the outside world and returned.  They have brought with them stories of many things in the outside world and also pieces of technology.  While the people of Avilion continue to keep to the ancient ways, it is not uncommon to see some tinkering with the technology of the outside world.  However, the magic within Avilion continues to be much more powerful than these pieces of technology and the practice of science.

You enter Avilion at this time, and at this place.  Will you be a traveler from the outside world, or will you be someone who was born in Avilion?  That is a choice you must make.

We welcome all to our land, human and creature alike.  All visitors must make an earnest effort to fit into the setting and time period with their character, persona, dress/attire, story, and also abide to the rules within this Charter.  It is strongly suggested that all those upon these lands participate in the role play.

We have many people visiting this land whom are from different countries and speak different languages.  The Avilion community is very diverse, and many people are fluent in other languages than English.  Should you require assistance, we can likely find someone to assist you in your native language.  Please do note though that we are predominantly an English speaking estate, and most events and activities are conducted in English.