Sinespace a better Sansar ?

Space, the upcoming Unity 3D-based virtual world from Second Life pioneers (a proud NWN sponsor!) just updated its own name: Henceforth, it’s officially known as Sinespace. (As the logo above and the ad at right will attest.) They’re partly doing this for SEO purposes, but also because it’s more fitting, since after all, the world is build by a company called Sine Wave Entertainment.  „We wanted a name that we love, and that we feel confident keeping for the next 100 years,“ as CEO Adam Frisby puts it. What’s more, the name is related to the mathematical concept, „with sinewaves representing the point between digital and organic patterns are both mathematical and beautiful, which we think embodies 3D immersive worlds,“ says Sine Wave chair Rohan Freeman. If you’re interested in updates on the world via social media, now would be a good time to update your follow lists:Follow Sinespace on Facebook.Follow Sinespace on Twitter (@sinewavespace).That includes news of Sinespace’s first major Summer festival happening on August 19th and 20th, with fashion, live music, racing, and more. Further details soon!

Quelle: New World Notes